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DR Seuss meets AI, how Fun! 2023 Challenge

Some things can just be done for the fun of it!

Giving a smile is great, so I hope this makes you smile!

DR Seuss meets AI Social media challenge!
DR Seuss meets AI Social media challenge!

DR Seuss meets AI Social media challenge! I hope you join in!

Challenge Instructions

1. Get creative or use AI to help write a poem about what you do for a living in the Style of Dr Seuss.

2. If you are brave, do an illustration of your poem as best you can in AI and then share it with this hashtag #drseuss_meets_ai_challenge_2023

3. if you are really, really brave face swap it! :-)

4. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, Like, and comment!

5. Be sure to check out others who accepted this challenge on the hashtag and give them some love!

Here is a Dr. Seuss-style rhyming poem about branding photography:

Oh, the Photos I Snap!

Oh, the photos I snap, from here and to there,

I roam with my camera, without any care!

I take silly selfies and landscapes so vast,

Close-ups of flowers that never could last.

My photos, you see, tell quite a good tale,

Of adventures I've had without ever to fail.

Oh, the Photos I Snap!
Oh, the Photos I Snap!

But who is this girl who posts picture by pic?

Her feed’s such a mess! It makes me feel sick!

I'll never grow fans if I keep up this way,

Posting whatever comes into play.

I need some branding so people know ME,

And what I'm about, my photos’ true key!

So I'll snap city streets with bold lines that are clean,

And nature in color, so lush and so green!

You'll feel that you're there when you gaze at the scenes.

My style will shine through, crisp and serene!

A touch of whimsy, to give a small grin.

My photos will draw the fans pouring in!

I’ll stand for adventure that’s peaceful and bright.

My brand will spark joy and imagination and light!

The girl with the camera, that’s who I will be!

Just look for my photos, and then you will see!

I’ll snap a new vision, put my own special touch.

Branding this photography thing? Oh, so much!

OK, Your turn!

FYI- The poem was a Collaborative effort with Ariel and Claude

Images by Ariel and Mid-Journey with a little work in Photoshop and a face app. Ai can be rather humorous.

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