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Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions
  • What is included when I purchase of a session?
    Our services are tailored to meet your needs and our base packages are designed to meet most our clients needs. We will tailor your Session to meet your needs. Personal Branding Package Include: Pre-Planning Consultation - Your initial Phone or In-Person Consultation to discuss wardrobe, location, packages, questions, or any special requests. Planning Guide PDF Photo Session Time - (Varies by session type) Time & Talent of Photographer, Ariel's artistic Post-Production - responsibly retouched, with light editing Commercial Usage License Online Image Preview - A watermarked proofing gallery to choose from. (Each session type provides a number of images, gallery can vary) Additional Items (Included in Premium Package) Brand Clarity Review Phone or In-Person Consultation to discuss Where you are marketing wise and how we can tailor your shoot to fill the voids on your website, printed marketing and social media, etc. Black and White version of Images chosen Pre-Planning - PhotoShoot Vibe Board Collaboration Hair and Makeup on site Post Gallery Social Media Consultation (Varies per package) - Can be done via video chat to assist with image selection, to create a tailored package and assist you with Implementing social media PhotoShoot Vibe Board Collaboration Brand Clarity Review Phone or In-Person Consultation to discuss Where you are marketing wise and how we can tailor your shoot to fill the voids on your website, printed marketing and social media, etc . Additional Items you may require but (Not included in packages but an be added as needed) Wardrobe and Set Stylist Hair and Makeup stylist on site Set rental Videographer Lighting and Set Assitant Extra Shooter Extra lighting requirements Studio or Property Rentals (maybe extra)] Highly level images and body editing. Travel time and expenses etc.
  • Where is the session pricing list?
    Our work is tailored to meet each client’s needs and they vary greatly so we can modify packages to meet your needs On the services page, you will find a sample gallery of images, then just below the gallery towards the bottom of the page is our pricing or packages include a starting at price but most of our work is personalized and after the initial call I will provide a quote based on your needs as we discuss. Basic Starting at Prices Personal Branding - starting at 1595 Glamour / Fashion - starting at 1850 Headshots - starting at 595 Commercial - Varies per scope, people locations etc, the quote is provided after consultation Events - 250 Per hour, a quote is provided
  • How much is the typical total investment?
    We are a full-service, modern, bespoke photography service with a focus on delivering quality products that will help you with your business for several years. While you do not have to spend any more than the initial session you purchased, most spend, on average, between $1750-$4200.
  • What are the payment options?
    The answer varies on the package that meets your needs, Upfront Option which is $ Booking fee + $ Balance due the week before the photoshoot date Or We have an Easy Payment Plan which is typically 3-6 payments (can vary based on your tailored Package) of $ ____ Month Of course can Pay in full when you Book the session.
  • I want to schedule my Session. How far in advance do I need to schedule the actual photo shoot?
    I highly recommend scheduling the photo shoot at least 6 weeks to 2 months. We want to make sure we have the time needed to plan and think through your marketing and branding photography needs. We typically talk through this on the discovery call so include your timing in the Contact form. Please contact me if you have a more urgent need for your session. I might have an opening sooner it never hurts to ask.
  • How do I set an appointment?
    We prefer that you Click the above Book a Discovery Call Button to set up a Video meeting. I prefer video meetings for several reasons. Getting to know you is vital for us to create work that resonates with you and your goals. I prefer to think of this as a collaborative effort that brings you the best possible imagery. 😎 Or you can call or text my cell when you are ready to set your appointment. 386.837.1657
  • What do I need to do before the planning session?
    Planning is key to our collaboration and Key to us getting the images you need so it is important that the Client agrees to cooperate with the photographer in planning the Session. Specifically, Client shall either complete a questionnaire provided by Photographer or answer questions on a telephone call or video call with Photographer at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the Session. If Client fails to provide this information as required, Photographer shall delay the Session until after Client provides information.
  • What can I expect during my Photo Session?
    Our Pre-Planning Consultation should prepare us for a successful session. It is extremely important to me that your whole experience is one of fun, feeling relaxed and pressure free, and your session is a memorable one. We will meet at our agreed upon time and location, do a quick review of our expectations and plan for the session, and go over our shot lists for any "must have shots". We will review your wardrobe and get you ready for the session. (may include Hair and Makeup) You will also have time to quickly change outfits to help create as much variety as we can in our time together. If multiple locations are in your packages we will go to any various location that we have chosen and then go through a variety of poses as well as capture candid moments. At the end of the session images will be placed in the queue for editing. and I will email you as soon as your gallery is available. Usually within 5 to 10 business days.
  • What about BTS images and video content?
    If you need or want BTS behind the scene video footage or other content, Let us know so we can provide that in your quote and your package quote. Ariel Faith reserves the right, as the contracted photographer, to be the only professional photographer, content creator, on the shoot unless otherwise agreed. No behind-the-scenes footage or photos are to be taken on mobile phones, tablets, and devices. If you need BTS footage we will arrange a videographer to provide this.
  • What is included in your editing?
    All editing is left to the judgement and experience of the photographer who will have full artistic license. 1 -3 weeks after your session ( up to 8 weeks during peak seasons), you will receive a fully edited gallery to purchase from. This gallery is edited for color correction, exposure adjustments, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, & composition/cropping. This is referred to as a basic edit. Responsibly retouching is enhancements to ski, removal of stray hairs, and minimizing of imperfections etc, When we are talking to someone if you never would noticed it will be minimized. In raw files flaws are often larger than life so this slight retouching is to make a person look more like they would in person. If you do not want any retouching please let us know. If you have additional requests above what is included it will be considered custom post production, such as removing or adding entire objects from the scene, changing the size and shape of body parts or other objects in the scene, extensive skin correction, face modifications or hair corrections/modifications, editing for sunburns, editing for stained, ill-fitting or wrinkled clothing, etc. Your clothing should be well fitting. Clothing that is excessively too big or too tight does not translate well in photographs and we request that you wear properly sized apparel. We charge $150 hourly for the custom post-production as the time required ranges depending on the complexity of the project. This includes any image corrections that requires us to take it into Photoshop. Additionally, if you provide us a list of corrections, that is considered custom corrections. Please contact us via email for a quote for custom post-production.
  • How many images do we receive?
    Depending on what type of session you chose, the number of edited images will vary. I believe in QUALITY not quantity. 😀 I select only those images that are truly exceptional and capture the various aspects of your personality you wanted to include and those are then brought into post production and delivered into your online gallery.
  • How long before we get to see our images?
    Our estimated turnaround time is 1 - 3 weeks, depending on the season. The post-production process is the most important and time-consuming part of any photographer's work and accounts for about 70-80% of the full job. Ariel's artistic editing process is very detailed, and she cares about the quality of the work she delivers to you; she will never rush through your work. This time can vary depending on the project scope. We recommend keeping that timeline in mind when planning for Marketing Campaigns, Website Launch, Announcements, Magazine Advertisements, Social Media Campaigns etc. The post-processing is an extensive hand-editing process; the preparation process alone to simply begin editing can take up to 4 hours. This includes saving & labeling RAW image files, Uploading Images into editing software, and culling, a most important process that involves going image by image of your entire session to choose the best images to be edited and discard the unusable images.
  • How do we view the online Gallery and what comes next?
    Once your gallery is ready, we will send you a link to a watermarked online gallery to view your personality portraits for a few days. Your watermarked gallery will expire within 10 days, so please be sure to look over the images and make your selection prior to that time. Most prefer the prior method, but if you need some extra help, an option available to you is to schedule a date for a Gallery Review Session on a Zoom call for us to view your images again together and make your selections. Some prefer this so I can help give them ideas of the uses for the images. Please note: There is a $100 fee to reinstate the gallery for an additional 10 days. If you require an additional Purchasing Session there is a $250 conference fee. What comes next depends on your package and your purchase decisions. If you need me, just reach out. We do offer a yearly Branding package that includes multiple shoots. year to keep your marketing fresh.
  • Why is there not a set price for events, or commercial work? No Haggle Policy
    We have a general Pricing Structure & a no Haggle Policy. with the exception of branding and commercial marketing needs. All pricing listed for Events, or Commercial Branding Sessions are listed with the minimum possible price as a starting price point to help set the bar for expectations. There are elements that can vary on these types of sessions which once discussed, we can properly quote your session. Some of the variables that can increase your overall cost of session are as follows: Overall time expected for photographing & post-production Complexity of timeline & key details, events, speakers, etc. 2nd or Additional photographer(s) and/or need for assistants Travel & Set Up time Equipment needs Additional or Multiple locations Licensing Agreements (Commercial) Number of Guests / Team Members (more people = more pictures) Products images needed etc. Once the scope of your project has been clearly defined we will provide a project specific Quote for you to review.
  • What happens if we are late to our session? - Late Policy
    DUTY TO ARRIVE ON TIME. Photographer and Client are obliged to show up on time for the Session. If Client is late to the Session, Client shall not be entitled to an extension of the time to complete the Session. Photographer shall make reasonable efforts to complete all images during the time available but cannot guarantee completion if Client is late. LATE POLICY We strongly suggest that you plan for the unexpected accident or traffic jam. If you are more than 20 minutes late, that is considered a no-show and you loose your retainer. You may reschedule again but you will have to pay the 50% retainer again to secure your new date.
  • Rescheduling - Can I reschedule my session?
    You can reschedule as long as it is 72 hours prior to your scheduled session. If you have to reschedule more than two times or under the 72 hour threshold, you will loose your retainer and be required to repay that retainer in order to reschedule. This is to keep from excessive rescheduling.
  • Cancellations - I would like to cancel my session, and get my retainer refunded?
    Client may not cancel the Session with less than 7-days’ notice. Any cancellation made with less than seven (7) days’ notice shall result in forfeiture of the Session and the payment(s) hereunder. To the extent that Photographer must cancel the Session, all monies paid to Photographer from Client shall be refunded minus retainer fees. The refund shall be paid out within thirty (30) calendar days from the cancellation date. We work on a 50% retainer system that is non-refundable. Your 50% retainer covers our consultation, emails, phone calls, contract writing, planning and administrative fees. So we do ask that you are sure you would like to proceed prior to scheduling your appointment. As long as it is prior to 72 hours before your scheduled session, you may transfer your retainer to someone else in the form of a personalized credit code if you decide not to have your session. See Rescheduling.
  • Refund - What happens if I don’t like my images and I want a refund?
    Photographer shall make every effort to ensure that Client is satisfied with the photographs delivered under this policy. Because photography is, by nature, subjective and the services to be performed under the Contact are custom, Client shall not be entitled to refunds for services rendered under the Contact. Once a portrait session has been performed, the full session fee is non-refundable, as it covers the time and skills invested up to and through that point. Please be certain that the style we have presented in our galleries is the right fit for you before you secure your session. Communication at the planning stages is critical to avoid these challenges.
  • Refund - There is going to be a hurricane, can I get a refund?
    We work on a 50% retainer system that is non-refundable. Your 50% retainer covers our consultation, emails, phone calls, contract writing, planning, and administrative fees. We do not give refunds under any circumstance, including "Acts of God." We will issue a credit towards a future session.
  • How long do I have to use the credits from a rescheduled session?
    All Pre-Purchased Sessions are valid for redemption within 1 year of purchase. Any Credit/Retainer from an approved rescheduled session will only be valid for one year from Original Session Date. After 1 year, Credits may be applied towards our current session fees. Discount codes will be Supplied.
  • What if it rains on the day of my session? or the sunset is not as planned?
    Weather in Florida is unpredictable we cannot guarantee a sunset session or clear skies. We will make every effort to get you rescheduled at a time when it is convenient for you. To the extent that the Session is scheduled to occur outside and is interrupted or prevented by inclement weather, Photographer and Client shall determine a suitable alternate location. Photographer and Client shall discuss potential inclement weather on the day of the shoot and make a determination whether the Session should be relocated. If you are visiting from out of state: We will make every effort to try to get you in the very next day or before you will need to depart. We ask that when scheduling your session that you do it with two days left of your stay incase a session gets rained out we will have additional days to work with.
  • Can we get the RAW images?
    We do not provide RAW images. RAW image files are a digital negative and need to be processed to be of value. We prohibit any manipulation that is not our own on our photographs as they would not reflect our finished work. A RAW file is not a finished file.
  • What happens if I lose or forget to download my digital files?
    We suggest that you download your images immediately and back them up to a cloud storage if possible. There is a $100 replacement fee for an additional 10 day online gallery once we have archived your images.
  • Can we get the rights to the images?
    Personal Photography Sessions For personal photography sessions (weddings, fashion, boudoir, family, etc.), you are paying for a photographers creative time and a license for print and personal use. All rights to the images remain the photographers. This is common industry standards to avoid misuse and unauthorized manipulation of the images that would misrepresent our brand and compromise our reputation. It also protects the photographers from having the images printed commercially without photo credit or compensation for their work. Anything beyond reprinting and personal use will require our written permission or the purchase of a Commercial Image License. Commercial Photography Sessions If you have purchased a commercial photography session (defined by any session that uses the images for profit through marketing of ones self or business commercially), You will be provided a 2 year Commercial Image License on the images purchased to use for marketing, social media and other materials of the like. These sessions usually start at $1500+, require both a strategy meeting and a formal contract in place prior to moving forward. If you would like to have an extended or endless Commercial Image License that can be negotiated during our strategy meeting and the terms of your license will be included in your contract. If you have had a personal photography session and would now like to use an image for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase a Commercial Image License. A 2 year Commercial Image License starts at $800 per image. There can be negotiation on multiple images, extended and endless Commercial Image Licensing Commercial Image Licensing is for marketing/ promotion purposes (magazines, billboards etc.) We retain the copyrights to all of our images. Any and all resale of an image/s for profit is strictly prohibited unless there is a full purchase of copyrights from the Photographer which would be negotiated with an attorney.
  • Do you use our images from our session on your website?
    We may use the images from our sessions to promote our company (body of work), by working with us you agree to allow us to use your images on our website, blog, and other marketing materials including social media marketing unless you directly request otherwise in writing. We retain the copyrights to all of our images.
  • Can we edit our own images?
    We stand behind our images as works of art that represent the quality standards for our company. For this reason we prohibit any manipulation to our images that is not our own, as it would not reflect our style or brand. Please understand that we take our service to you as a professional very seriously and you have hired us for our quality, artistry, expertise, and reputation. In order to protect our reputation and the quality of work that we provide to our clients, we must maintain full control over the presentation of the images. Depending on which type of session you have purchased, you will be provided either a Print License or Commercial Image License. We retain the copyrights to all of our images.
  • Do I need to sign a model release form?
    Under the tab "Do you use our images from our session on your website?", our website states: 'We may use the images from our sessions to promote our company (body of work), by working with us you agree to allow us to use your images on our website, blog, and other marketing materials including social media marketing unless you directly request otherwise in writing. We retain the copyrights to all of our images." Our body of work is both editorial and serves as a portfolio which falls under "fair use" since the images are owned and copyrighted by the photographer. Although you may still be requested to sign a model release if the photographer feels it is necessary, has intention to use them commercially either contracted by a company or for our own companies commercial use. You will be required to sign a model release if the photographer will be using them for any commercial client contracted by Ariel Faith Photography. This may or may not be with compensation to the model but it is discussed and agreed upon prior to the session. You may also be required to sign a written agreement/ release to the company in which is contracting the work (magazine, marketing firm etc.).
  • Who owns the copyrights of the photographs?
    Ariel Faith the photographer shall retain the copyrights to all photographs and other works created under the purchased sessions. Photographer may use the photographs to promote Photographer’s business and to include the photographs in Photographer’s portfolio, on Photographer’s website, and in any other promotional material created by Photographer. As the owner of the copyrights in the photographs, the Photographer shall have the right, but not the obligation, to take legal or other action to enforce the copyrights, including by sending cease and desist letters, sending demand letters, sending Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices, and/or filing lawsuits or other legal actions against infringers.
  • What does a typical commercial usage license include?
    This is NOT a License only provided for information purpose only: A rights managed for two years, non-transferable, license to use the photographs produced under this Contact for commercial purposes, subject to the following limitations. A photography session session-specific license agreement will be provided at image delivery. Client may use Images for social channels and current website marketing. Any use outside this client will need to renegotiate a new Commercial license. Client may edit the photographs and/or create derivative works for Client’s commercial use. Client may not sub-license the photographs except to the extent the photograph is sub-licensed to be used by a third party to promote: (1) Client’s business (e.g., in affiliate marketing or by a joint-venture partner), (2) Client’s appearance at an event (e.g., a live or virtual summit), or (3) Client’s appearance on the third- party’s platform (e.g., as a podcast guest, guest blogger, or video guest). Client may not use the photographs to create physical products for sale, except that Client may use the photographs on the cover or in the contents of a book authored by Client. Client may not: (1) sell copies of the photographs to anyone, (2) enter the photographs into any contests, (3) provide the photographs to be used as stock photos, (4) upload the photographs to any photo-sharing websites, (5) provide the photographs to any third party to be used on social media except as allowed by the provision governing sub-licenses above, (6) use photographs in association with any illegal business or venture, and/or (7) use photographs in association with any pornographic business or venture. Client is not required to provide attribution or otherwise credit the Photographer, but Client may not falsely represent or imply that the photographs are attributable to anyone other than Photographer. While attribution is greatly appreciated. Client should do so in the following ways based on the platform being used: On a Website: On Instagram: @ariel.personalbranding/
  • What are other fees I need to obtain for the session? Fees and Costs
    FEES AND COSTS. Client shall be responsible for any and all fees and costs associated with the Session, including any fees to rent or buy props or other elements to be used in the shots, rent any equipment that is necessary beyond standard photographic equipment (camera and lighting), rent any location, and obtain any necessary photography permits. Studio and other property rentals for the shoot will be chosen and discussed to minimize cost for the client but some places are epic and prices vary. 1. Client agrees to obtain all necessary permissions to photograph in any physical location they have chosen. 2. Client shall not request that Photographer enter any private or closed areas during the session. 3. Client agrees to obtain any necessary permits and to pay any fees necessary for the Session.
  • What other professionals will help me rock this session? Hair and Make-up and Wardrobe
    Photographer recommends that Clients use the services of professionals to Brand strategists, stylists for wardrobe, and hair, and makeup stylist. Client is solely responsible for hair, makeup, and wardrobe. (unless it is included in package) Photographer recommends that Client have a hair and makeup artist on-site during the Session to handle any touchups. Client should arrive at the Session prepared for Photographer to begin shooting, with hair and makeup complete and wearing the initial wardrobe. The Session shall not be extended as a result of delays arising from hair, makeup, or wardrobe.
  • What about travel expenses and information do I need to know?
    TRAVEL EXPENSES To the extent Photographer is required to travel more than twenty (20) miles, Client shall be responsible to cover the reasonable travel expenses of Photographer. Any location outside these limits will be subject to an additional charge of $0.75 /mile. This applies to travel both to and from the location. Client shall book the travel, and Client shall pay the costs of the travel within two (2) business days of Photographer providing notice of the booking. TRAVEL INSURANCE. Unless expressly instructed otherwise by Client, Photographer shall purchase travel insurance when booking travel, and Client shall reimburse Photographer for this cost. The travel insurance shall be used to reschedule a Session in the event of any travel interruptions, delays, and/or cancellations. Client is encouraged to purchase travel insurance for Client’s travel, if any. Should Client decline to purchase travel insurance and/or instruct Photographer not to purchase travel insurance, Client shall bear all risk associated with delays and/or cancellations. Specifically, if Client declines to purchase travel insurance and either party is unable to make it to the session, Client shall not be entitled to schedule a replacement session. TRAVEL DELAYS. In the event of a travel delay affecting either party, Photographer and Client shall confer about the possibility of conducting the Session later in the day to avoid the need to reschedule.
  • Safety of Client and Photographer - Policy
    It is important that both Client and Photographer feel safe throughout the Session. The parties agree as follows with respect to safety: Photographer has the absolute right to refuse to continue with a shoot if, at any time, Photographer feels unsafe (with respect to Photographer’s person and/or property) or is subjected to harassment, threats, abusive behaviors, or other hazardous conditions (whether from Client or from others in the immediate environment). If the threat, abuse, harassment, or other unsafe condition is not the result of any action by Client, Photographer and Client shall either reschedule the Session or move the Session to a non- threatening location. If Client harasses, threatens, or abuses Photographer or puts Photographer in a hazardous position, Client shall not be entitled to a refund or to have the Session rescheduled. Client has the absolute right not to feel uncomfortable or unsafe during the Session. Photographer does not want anyone to do something that they feel is risky, dangerous, or inappropriate. Client agrees to raise concerns as soon as they arise. Photographer shall comply with any requests and honor any concerns raised by Client. Because Client is responsible for voicing any concerns, Client agrees not to hold Photographer liable for any injury, harm, or damage that may occur during the Session, including from Client taking direction from Photographer. By following the direction of Photographer without stating concerns, Client takes full responsibility for Client’s actions and all consequences of those actions.
  • Confidentiality Is important.
    Photographer recognizes that Client’s confidential information is valuable and will ensure that it is protected. Photographer, and its employees, agents, or representatives shall not at any time or in any manner either directly or indirectly, use for the personal benefit of Photographer, or divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner, any information that is proprietary to Client. Photographer and its employees, agents, and representatives will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential.
  • Relationship of Photographer and Client
    Photographer is an independent contractor with respect to Client. Photographer is not an employee of Client, and this Contact does not create a partnership, joint venture, or any other relationship between the parties.

Provided For CLarity

Terms and Conditions that apply to all Photography Services By Ariel Faith, LLC.


Please Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

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