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The Value of Self-Discovery - Brand Clarity

Case Study 2 Example: Meet Sarah—the value of self-discovery.

Sarah wanted to learn more about herself and her motivations and chose a test called the Enneagram* personality assessment tool. This began her journey in clarity with self-discovery. What did she learn, and how did it assist in her brand clarity?

Sarah is a 32-year-old custom sustainable home contractor launching more targeted branding after years of building her business.


Core Drivers:

Through values reflection, Sarah ranks creativity, trust, and environmental stewardship as top motivators, forming her business vision to build uniquely eco-friendly spaces. 


Meet Sarah, a Home Builder with Ethics.
Meet Sarah, a Home Builder with Ethics.

Assessment Discovery:

An Enneagram assessment reveals tendencies toward imaginative, idealistic, and cooperative Type 2 qualities - aligning with driving for harmony between client design aspirations and green building innovations.


Sarah's persona example reinforces looking inward to clarify motivations and personality traits guiding business missions and visions.

For Sarah, creativity, sustainability, and collaborative relationships represented overlapping drivers across activities she loved, excelled at, and aligned with ethical causes she cared about. Her mission statement captures the blend. 


Mission Example:

Sarah's passion for creativity, trust, and environmental responsibility was identified in earlier assessments. Her purpose may be stated as follows: 

"My mission is to design distinctly imaginative, client-collaborative eco-home spaces where ingenuity and environmental stewardship harmoniously coexist."


Vision Example: 

Looking five years ahead, based on Sarah's ambition for widescale adoption of sustainable techniques, her vision reflects scale:

"A future where structural creativity and sustainability standards result in carbon neutral custom development becoming mainstream."


Positioning Example: 

Leveraging Sarah's unique value at the intersection of creative and green building, a positioning statement could be:

"Home buyers seeking modern, dependable sanctuaries find unique value engaging my custom design services to manifest tastefully sustainable spaces perfectly tailored to their lifestyles through creative personal collaboration because I fuse reliable home expertise with the artistic mastery of natural materials and environmentally regenerative techniques."

Sarah’s Elevator Pitch

"As a sustainable custom home designer with over a decade of experience, I help affluent families construct their dream spaces aligned with eco-conscious living. My personalized, collaborative process uniquely blends precise project management with artistic environmental material mastery tailored to your aspirations. This results in strikingly innovative sanctuaries reflecting your family's adventurous and green values while standing the test of time. Let's connect to begin envisioning your forever home oasis brought to life!"


In this example pitch, Sarah leads with:


Who She Is: A niche expert sustainable custom designer with longevity in the field.


What She Does: Facilitate a tailored, collaborative design process fusing precise project leadership with creative environmental arts. 


How She Helps: Manifest family dream home spaces, blending client aspirations with sustainable techniques for long-term enjoyment.

For Sarah, this brand identity and message became clear when she understood herself and what motivates her with passion. Now, she is equipped with brand clarity, so her marketing images and personal on-brand photoshoots can focus on attracting her ideal clients.

*The Enneagram is a personality assessment tool that categorizes individuals into nine distinct personality types, each with its own core motivations, fears, and behaviors. These types are represented on a geometric figure called the Enneagram. The Enneagram focuses not only on behavior but also on the underlying motivations that drive behavior. It is often used for personal and professional development to increase self-awareness and understanding of others.

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