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Shining Through: The Brand Photography Process

FAQ 03 | What is the Branding Photography Process Like?


In this video, Ariel Faith delves into the key steps of the brand photography process. From setting marketing goals to planning sessions and creating a collaborative Pinterest board, every aspect is discussed in detail. Tune in to learn how to showcase your unique personality through photography with hair and makeup support on the shoot day.


Key Lessons | The importance of Marketing Goals, Planning and Strategy Before a Commercial Branding Photo Session


• Brand photography involves thorough planning and strategy sessions to ensure the images align with marketing goals and objectives.

• A collaborative Pinterest board is used to establish a shared vision for the photoshoot, ensuring that the vibe is consistent with the brand.

• Hair and makeup support is provided on the shoot day to help individuals feel confident and comfortable showcasing their unique personality through photography.


The brand photography process involves an initial call to discuss your marketing goals and objectives. Based on your needs, a package is booked with planning and strategy sessions to determine locations and imagery. A collaborative Pinterest board is created to align on the vibe. On the shoot day, there is hair and makeup support to help you shine and be comfortable showcasing your unique personality through photography.


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