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The Value of Personality assessments In Brand Clarity - Example

Have you ever taken one of those personality assessment tests and felt a little exposed reading the results? You know, the ones revealing whether you're more of a loud extrovert or a reserved bookworm. 


Understanding those core tendencies in ourselves and others can be powerful when working together and learning who our ideal clients are.


While there are loads of fancy quiz assessment names and acronyms out there, most are peeking into key personality differences like:


- Are you fired up by non-stop socializing or need solo time to recharge?

- Do you absorb many nitty-gritty details or zoom out to the 30,000-foot view?

- Does your head or heart dominate decision-making?

- How well can you transition when plans go sideways?

- Is stating your ideas assertively or listening more your jam?


The results act like clues for decoding better ways to interact, lead, communicate, and problem-solve together at work by aligning with individuals’ strength areas.


You end up with less friction on teams, more innovative solutions with diverse thinkers, and increased coaching opportunities by understanding hidden motivators and stress triggers lurking within personalities.


These personality assessments can help provide insight into how wonderfully distinct we all are! A little self-awareness goes a long way.

Case Study 1 Example: Meet Ariel - The value of personality assessments

I decided to break out the oldie-but-goodie, retest, and see what I would learn. It was interesting to learn that helping small business owners feel confident behind the camera with personal branding photography aligns with my core personality. I thought so, but here is why.

This illustrates the value of self-discovery in the brand clarity and identity process.


According to the Myers-Briggs* personality test,

Dr Seuss Meets AI created photo of Ariel
From My Dr Seuss Meets AI Challenge - Dec. 2023

Ariel is an Advocate personality type (INFJ). At her core, she is driven by:


- A deep sense of purpose - she wants to make a meaningful, positive impact.

- Altruism & helping others - improving people's lives energizes her. 


- Forming real connections - quality relationships matter tremendously.

- Win-win thinking - seeks mutual understanding and benefit.

"Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." Jeff Bezos, Founder and Executive Chair of Amazon

Advocates like Ariel have natural strengths in:


- Understanding what motivates people - she quickly grasps mindsets and feelings.

- Visioning a better future - she can see possibilities for improvement.

- Turning ideas into action - her determination drives change.

- Contributing something meaningful - she channels her talents to help others selflessly.


In summary, Ariel brings a spirit of compassion, insight, and visionary thinking to everything she does. She strives to make the world brighter by understanding people, pursuing purpose, and progressing ideas that lift others.

Oh, the places we will go!

*The Myers-Briggs test is a school personality test used by millions. Google the personality test, and you will enter an interesting world of self-discovery.

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