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OH NO! What to Wear - Wardrobe Made Simple.

Oh, what to wear is such a daunting question, but Have no Fear ... this can be one of the biggest challenges for many of us, I know... I sweat it every time I have a shoot.

What Do I Wear on the Photoshoot?

Do I need to go on a shopping spree for new clothes? Probably not. Instead, let's focus on what we already have and how we can make the most of it in our wardrobe.

So, instead of stressing, let's take a different approach. One that's all about embracing our unique style, boosting our confidence, and feeling good about ourselves. Are you ready?

Instead of feeling restricted to a single color or a matchy-matchy look, consider your unique personality and comfort. This is about you, your style, and what makes you feel confident and in control.

By asking yourself these questions, you'll often realize that what you need is already in your closet. It's about making the most of what you have, and if you do decide you want something new, that's a separate conversation.

Marketing Guru Wearing a smart casual outfit for her branding photos
Marketing Guru Wearing a smart casual outfit for her branding photos

What would you wear if you Were...

  1. Doing a Presentation? (a Speaker role)

  2. Working with a Client?

  3. Meeting a new Client?

  4. Meeting your friends for lunch?

  5. Attending a networking group?

  6. Going for dinner?

  7. Walking downtown or in a park?

  8. Want to show off your fun and sassy side?

Realtors branding photo shoot with Real clothes
Never underestimate a Realtor wearing fun Jeans

What about a Signature Look

A signature look shows the part of your personality you want to share to draw more "on vibe" clients! For some, it is Sassy and fun, while others are elegant and formal, Big and Bold, or soft and Subtle. For some, it is city lights; for others, it is an afternoon on the beach; and some are happier walking in the woods at a park.

They are all good, but the key to making this work is for you to be true to yourself. BE YOU!

Real outfits for her branding photos
Luxury Lash Extension Expert wearing a outfit she would for a lunch with friends

Variety is your Friend.

You can change jackets, sweaters, and scarves to change up a look without changing the base outfit. In a set of Images, if you show up in a variety of looks, this shows the viewer, "I do this all the time." This helps us create a sense of trust and security in the viewers. Sharing the many sides of your life can tell a complete story of why you are a great person and a good business partner.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you on your next Shoot! Reach out to me, and We will work through all your fears! I got you! Together, we got this!

Suppose you have a much bigger story to tell. I am here to help you. Ask me about the VIP program, and Your What to Post social media woes will disappear. You will have more photos than you know what to do with. :-)

Don't overthink your Wardrobe, Be YOU!

Ariel Faith, Branding Photographer, serves in Central Florida, but I do travel if you have a better destination for your business goals. Reach out, and let's talk. Choosing a Location(s) is another conversation for another day!

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