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Why Branding Consultants are Vital for the Success of Your Business

Defining your Unique Brand Identity is an inside job.

A Brand consultant can help you distill your visual message. The clearer your vision, the clearer your voice will be, and you will attract the right clients and grow your business. Save yourself time, build your confidence, and have a clear marketing path. I am working on a Free Guide that will help spark this self-reflection around brand identity, but this tool will by no means replace the value of an expert strategist.

I plan to launch the first part of this branding guide along with my "Brand New You 2024" campaign. As the initial step when developing any brand—whether it's your personal brand as the face of a business or crafting an identity for a company—you need to get crystal clear on your authentic identity. This means doing the self-reflection required to deeply understand what you or your company genuinely stands for and represents at your core. It's only once you have that foundational clarity around your values, vision, purpose, and unique strengths that you can build out the rest of your branding in an aligned, impactful way. This first section of the guide focuses on discovery tactics to reveal your true brand identity before moving into branding and messaging strategies in subsequent sections. Sign up for notifications

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business,” Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

Along this journey, invest in professional assistance across areas like: 


  • Brand Strategist - For core identity and style guides

  • Graphic Designer - Logos, font schemes, visual systems  

  • Photographer - Aligning imagery to identity

  • Website Designer - Central online hub

  • Content Creator - Written/video assets

  • Social Media Manager - Your digital presence 

  • Marketing Consultant - Multi-channel campaigns

Ariel at a Virtual Shoot
Ariel at a Virtual Shoot, not behind the camera.

Bringing in branding advisors early on saves headaches down the line. Rely on their know-how to establish a solid foundation so you avoid lengthy revisions and setbacks. Build core messaging geared to spotlight your specialty gifts; a strategist handles complementary strengths you lack for complete coverage. With them quarterbacking branding logistics outside your sweet spot, you stay in a flow state, doing what you naturally rock while benefiting from their objectivity and bandwidth. Tap their insight proactively to level up impact sooner by focusing time and attention only where you add distinct value. The proof is that consistent branding results are achieved faster.


I am here for you for Your ongoing Visual Marketing needs. I can support your visual brand journey as a trusted creative ally for the long haul. A single focused session intentionally caps photo volume for comfort—we capture only what feels authentic. Together, we spotlight your essence through thoughtful, nuanced storytelling frames versus high quantity. Expect a tailored experience where I hear you completely so your images promote the spirit of your brand, not just the surface. This curated visual narrative sustains you in all you aspire to express and accomplish. Never worry about a shortage of on-message assets. Instead, be empowered by images infused with purpose and heart. Let genuine photography deepen self-belief as you boldly yet gently make your difference in the world.

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I teamed up with some incredible marketing and branding experts and have seen remarkable clarity and growth in my confidence, life, and work. I don't know about you, but I can't do it all. Lord knows I have tried. I would be happy to share. Let's Talk. - Ariel 

Ariel Faith, Branding Photographer, serves in Central Florida, but I do travel if you have a better destination for your business goals. Reach out, and let's talk. Choosing a Location(s) is another conversation for another day! Commercial Photography Service Volusia and Seminole County and beyond. 

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