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Brainstorming Strengths and Talents

Making time to think about yourself and what matters most to you is really important.

Brainstorming what your superpowers are, as well as your strengths and talents, is another key to brand identity and clarity.

Find a quiet space where you can write in a journal or on paper to answer questions about who you are. What are your talents? What do you love learning about? What problems do you want to help solve? The more you thoughtfully explore these questions, the better you'll understand what makes you special and how to share your gifts with others.

Performer and social Influencer doing her thang!
Performer and social Influencer doing her thang!


- What topics energize and come naturally?

- What skills produce the most incredible pride and praise?

- What essential tools or resources can you offer audiences?


Knowledge & Education

- What formal training or credentials make you uniquely qualified? 

- What coursework(s) expanded your perspective or understanding?

- Where have you developed advanced mastery of a skill?


Experience & Abilities

- What successes or praise indicate natural talent areas?

- What skills produce the deepest sense of achievement when you use them?

- What superpowers do others recognize in your work?


Interests & Curiosity 

- What activities re-energize you and lose track of time doing? 

- Which topics lead peers to seek out your opinions or insights?  

- What common threads do your interests share?


In closing, making time for thoughtful self-reflection allows your talents and purpose to shine through. Specifically, thoughtfully journaling and answering prompts about yourself can lead to meaningful insights. Carefully filtering through these self-analysis prompts helps connect the dots - revealing links between your gifts, passions, and how you can uplift others. Piece by piece, clarity is gained on your reasons for being and the audiences you can resonate with. The language and understanding culled from exploring these timely prompts guide articulating your personal brand. Mindfully engaging with these thought-provoking prompts gives you essential wisdom for sharing your voice with those eager to listen.

I'm here to listen if you ever want to discuss discovering your purpose and sharing it with people who need what you offer! After all, listening and creatively solving challenges are two of my superpowers.

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P1W3 Strengths and Talents
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